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Using C++Builder to list all available VCL styles in a ComboBox and apply a selected style using the ComboBoxChange event

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The C++ Application User Interface

For the application user interface I have a TButton (has code to populate the ComboBox with selected application styles) and a TComboBox (to display and allow selection of a style).

 C++ code
#include <vcl.h>
#pragma hdrstop
#include "Unit1.h"
#include <Vcl.Themes.hpp>
#pragma package(smart_init)
#pragma resource "*.dfm"

TForm1 *Form1;
__fastcall TForm1::TForm1(TComponent* Owner)
    : TForm(Owner)
void __fastcall TForm1::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
    // populate the ComboBox with VCL styles that are selected
    //    in Project | Options | Application | Appearance
        DynamicArray<String> styleNames = Vcl::Themes::TStyleManager::StyleNames;

        for(int i = 0; i < styleNames.Length; ++i) 
            String styleName = styleNames[i];
void __fastcall TForm1::ComboBox1Change(TObject *Sender)
    // set the style for the selected combobox item

The Application in Action

TComboBox populated with VCL styles selected Application Style Changed by TComboBox selection 


VCL Styles Overview

Project Options Application Appearance

VCL Styles Support for High-DPI Graphics

C++Builder Product Information

C++Builder Product Page – Native Apps that Perform. Build Windows C++ Apps 10x Faster with Less Code
C++Builder Product Editions – C++Builder is available in four editions – Professional, Enterprise, Architect and Community (free). C++Builder is also available as part of the RAD Studio development suite.


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